Want to Teach Your Prospects and Clients Valuable Financial Concepts BEFORE They Even Meet You Face-To-Face?

Most clients can’t make learning and buying decisions at the same time. Now you can let Whole Truth Videos start the teaching for you!


The Whole Truth Videos Will Help Your Clients Overcome Preconceived Ideas About Money & Breakthrough Mental blocks & Limiting Paradigms!


Filmed at a live one-day event:

The Whole Truth About Money

Examining the Pros & Cons of Common Financial Vehicles

with Todd Langford and Kim Butler

NOW AVAILABLE: 13 Videos from the Full-Day Presentation!

Dozens of advisors attended a training with Truth Concepts developer and CEO Todd Langford, along with his wife and top producer, Kim Butler.

In this full day landmark presentation, Todd used his calculators to reveal the surprising truth about common financial vehicles, products, and strategies… and why common financial advice is often WRONG…  

Todd Langford

Now… you can have the VIDEOS of Todd’s presentations

(including a close-up view of the calculators on Kim’s screen, a client-friendly introduction by Kim Butler, and TRANSCRIPTS)

Todd Langford no longer works directly with financial clients, but in this full-day “client-friendly” presentation, he uses the entire suite of Truth Concepts calculators to banish the myths of “typical” financial advice in his compelling show-and-tell style.

Use the videos to:

  • Fully understand why “typical” financial advice we’ve heard again and again is wrong
  • Learn how to explain the whole truth about financial vehicles
  • Practice your own Truth Concepts presentations
  • Show the videos directly to clients (help them learn about the problems and solutions BEFORE they even sit with you face-to-face!)
  • Share with your client’s CPA, bookkeeper, attorney, adviser or anyone they listen to for advice (these experts often don’t truly understand how the numbers work themselves!)

Be a “fly on the wall” and watch Todd Langford tell the whole truth about money, dispelling common myths and misperceptions with undeniable mathematical truths.

These are presentations geared for clients, not “calculator trainings”, so the focus is on the financial concepts, not the mechanics of the calculators. (Looking for calculator trainings? See TruthConceptsAcademy.com)

Use these videos to remind clients of a conversation you’ve had, to prepare them for a conversation you’re about to have or to review when you don’t have a chance (or perhaps the confidence… yet) to present the material to them directly yourself.

As an added bonus, most videos include a client-friendly introduction from Kim D. H. Butler to raise curiosity and invite the viewer to take a fresh look at their assumptions.


ONLY $497!

What you’ll get:


Banking Profits

The Hidden Method that Earns Gains of 200% or More!

Using the small Financial calculators in Truth Concepts, Todd explains how banks earn money using leverage, and how anyone can use this same powerful strategy to their advantage.


Financing & Purchase Pitfalls

Don’t Trust Your Best Interests to the Finance Department! 

Utilizing the small Financial calculators and the Auto Financing calculator, Todd clarifies why “0% financing” rarely is zero, how to make sure you get the best deal on a car or other major purchase, and why using your own cash has a cost!


Mortgage Half-Truths

Why Common Mortgage Advice Will Mislead You

Todd uses the Loan Analysis calculators to re-examine common advice about 15-year vs. 30-year mortgages. How do we take into account time frames, opportunity costs and taxes? Which is really the most efficient?


The Million Dollar Degree

The Shocking True Cost of an Education 

Once we understand opportunity costs, we realize the actual cost of an education goes far beyond tuition, housing and books! Todd shows how to tell the truth about the cost of college with Cash Flow and Education calculators.


Tax Rate Smoke and Mirrors

How Higher Taxes Sabotage Revenue

Demonstrating the Laffer Curve on the Cash Flow calculator, Todd explains how taxes do a “vanishing act” with our wealth… and why high taxes are also inefficient for the government!


Your Maximum Potential

The Secret to Wealth-Building Without Risk

Using the Truth Concepts Maximum Potential calculator, Todd shows the necessity of reducing costs and saving more, rather than taking on greater risk to compensate for not saving enough.


What Dave Ramsey Gets Wrong

About Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, and Math 

In this rebuttal of one of Dave Ramsey’s blog posts, Todd uses the Accumulation calculator, small Financial Calculators, and the Market History and Life Values tools to reveal just how disturbingly wrong Ramsey’s assertions are. Then he shows how a whole life policy would have outperformed Ramsey’s recommended strategy, had his math been correct.


The Truth About Whole Life Insurance Returns

(and Why the Critics are Wrong)

Using the Funding calculator, Todd demonstrates whole life insurance internal rates  of return and how to adjust for taxation and fees when comparing to other assets. He also discusses what kind of asset cash value is, and why comparing it to high-risk financial vehicles is misleading.


The Whole Truth About Your 401(k) Plan

Taxes, Fees, and Depressing Returns

Demonstrating the Qualified Plan calculator, Todd explains some common misconceptions about 401(k) and other retirement plans and illustrates the impact of employer matches, tax deferrals, taxes, and fees.

VIDEO #10:

Business Owners Be Warned

How Your Company’s 401(k) Plan Could Be Bleeding Your Business Dry

Sometimes business owners are told half-truths by accountants and don’t fully understand the costs and the real returns they might expect to experience when they implement a company 401(k). Todd sets the record straight with the Qualified Plan calculator so that business owners can make informed decisions.

VIDEO #11:

The “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” Myth

Improve Returns and Increase Safety by Diversifying with Life Insurance

Using examples of a 35-year old invested in the stock market and a 55-year old invested in stocks and bonds (both with term life insurance), Todd uses the Diversification calculator to demonstrate how the returns and the net to heirs can be improved by diversifying with whole life insurance.

VIDEO #12:

Never Pay Cash!?

Bank a Fortune While Financing Your Own Cars and Major Purchases

With a Borrowing Strategy and small Financial calculators, Todd explains the Infinite Banking Concept using a Shoebox, a Bank, and a Life Insurance Policy. Significantly increase your assets by “being an honest banker” and paying yourself the financing fees while the money you are leveraging continues to grow.

VIDEO #13:

Maximize Your Real Estate Returns

How to Analyze and Improve Your Real Estate Investments

Using the Real Estate Analysis and small Financial calculators, Todd analyzes an excellent real estate investment deal. Next, he shows how the returns can be significantly increased by borrowing against whole life insurance for the down payment.

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Whether you use them yourself or send them to clients, you’ll find these videos will help you bust financial myths and communicate essential concepts.

Ready to help your clients understand financial concepts in a way that is tangible and memorable?

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You’ve got nothing to lose. Whether you are watching the videos to learn or using them with clients for third-party confirmation of concepts and strategies, it’s a no-brainer having a financial software expert like Todd Langford in your corner!

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